Flutie Stuff for Young Flutists

Here are some of my favorite things for learning flutists:

I’ll add more things here as I think of them.


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My FAVORITE Metronome for flutists. 

You can still hear it while playing your flute.  :)
Yamaha QT1 Quartz Metronome, Teal $39.99



My favorite cleaning cloth!  Seriously, it’s fabulous!!

Favorite Flute Silk Swab $6.51




This is the Pneumo Pro – one of the tools I use for those who need a little extra help with beginning blowing.
Pneumo Pro Wind Director Practice Tool $29.95

Pneumo Pro for learning flute








Flutes won’t get tipped over when sitting on this sturdy stand:

Onstage Flute Stand $10.99:

Heavy Flute Stand










What else would you like to see?

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