FluteKids Theory Workbook Volume 1


  • From Day 1 Flute Music Theory
  • Flute terminology: One Word at a Time
  • Pieces and parts to reading sheet music
  • Learn the Musical Alphabet and ALL of the notes that touch the staff
  • Games and simple music math
  • Dynamics and flute-specific markings
  • Time tests
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Loads of Educational Flute FUN

Cut the confusion about reading flute music as a young beginner. This workbook starts at the very beginning and moves easily step-wise through the proper skills to understanding the components of sheet music.

An adorable character “Theo the Frog” takes beginners from absolute novice to reading all of the notes that touch the staff as well as the rhythms that accompany music on this level.

Make music theory fun!

Coloring-book style worksheets. Print them and use markers or crayons…or open on your ipad and complete/color from there.

59 (2-sided) pages

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