FluteKids Theory Workbook Volume 2


  • Moving into higher reading skills
  • Reviewing what we learned in book 1
  • Time Signatures and Rhythm FUN
  • Simple Music Math
  • Symbols (flats, sharps, naturals etc)
  • Easy to Read Flute Fingerings!
  • Identifying notes up into the ledger lines (up to 3rd octave G)
  • Games, Puzzles, tons of flute education
  • Time Tests
  • Certificate of Completion

Book 2 takes our Theory skills up a level. This workbook starts at the learning time-signatures and moves easily step-wise through the proper skills to understanding the components of rhythm reading and more notes in flute sheet music.

Our adorable friend “Theo the Frog” takes young flutists on a journey that reviews what is already learned in book 1 up into the higher notes (see the airplane?) above the staff lines. (up to 3rd octave G)

Make music theory fun!

Coloring-book style worksheets. Print them and use markers or crayons…or open on your ipad/tablet and complete/color from there.

69 (2-sided) pages

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