FluteKids Theory Workbook Volume 3


  • Moving into higher reading skills
  • Reviewing what we learned in book 1 & 2
  • Time Signatures and Rhythm FUN
  • More Music Math
  • Symbols (legato, staccato, slur, fermata, etc)
  • Easy to Read Flute Fingerings!
  • Identifying notes up into the ledger lines (up to 3rd octave G)
  • Games, Puzzles, tons of flute education
  • Time Tests
  • Certificate of Completion

Book 3 takes our Theory skills again, up another level. This workbook starts with a few pages of review and moves right into the fun stuff! Sliiiiiide HIT! (legato and staccato) We’ll move easily step-wise through the proper skills to understanding the components of rhythm reading, flute fingerings, and more notes in flute sheet music.

Our adorable friend “Theo the Frog” takes young flutists on a journey that reviews what is already learned in book 1 and 2 to solidify skills already learned as well as making new ones Stick!

Make music theory and scales fun!

Coloring-book style worksheets. Print them and use markers or crayons…or open on your ipad/tablet and complete/color from there.

71 (2-sided) pages

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